Riga Zoo branch “Cīruļi”

Excellent recreation in the countryside among interesting, exotic and forest animals. Sharp-eyed visitors will definitely encounter tree-frogs in “Cīruļi”.  The Zoo has the largest herd of kiangs kept in captivity in the world, as well as brown bears, wolverines, wolves, lynxes, wild boars, Latvian blue cows and other domestic animals. Enterance ticket prices*: Adults: 4,00 […]


Kalvene rabbit

Tha rabbit farm “Kalvenes trusis” breeds and sells purebred rabbits, organizes exhibitions, as well as offering interesested persons “Rabbit Hotel” in a geographically educational and humorous style, where 15 – 20 different breeds of rabbit from all over the world can be seen. Open in summer season (June – August) from Tuesday till Sunday (11:00 – 18:00). Bigger tourist groups book your visit in advance in you want to visit us in other time. Entrance fee: EUR 2,50

Address: “Eglaines”, Kalvenes pagasts, Aizputes novads
Phone: (+371) 29721317
Web page: www.kalvenestrusis.lv


Horse riding in Kalvene

The place is small and is found in the country side, in a quiet place. With that, a relaxing and peaceful interaction with the horses is guaranteed. We offer horse rides with two horses, we organize races for cart riders. In the summer period we offer a horse boarding-house. We are located just 4,5 kilometers from the A9 Rīga-Liepāja highway and 16 kilometers away from Rīga zoo branch “Cīruļi”. Price list: Horse ride (1 hour): 10 EUR; Riding lesson (1 hour): 8,50 EUR

Address: Pērbone, Kalvenes pagasts
Phone: (+371) 26159219
E – mail: laila.kronberga@gmail.com