Latvian mythological reproductions in ceramics


From February 13 till end of March in Aizpute county Tourism information centre, Atmodas iela 16, is open an ehhibition of american artist Christofer Arthur Garsia, who made several Latvian mythological reproductions in ceramics, whitch were made in artist and residecies centre SERDE.

On September, 2018, this exhibition will be on display in Europen Professional doll art festival in Riga.

Movement art practices in Cīrava


Every interesent can applay to MOVEMENT ART practices, that will take place in Cīrava Cultural house! Movement art – is a free range of dance, that encourages physical strength, creativity and laxity.

Movement art practices will be form without age restrictions. Membership fee – free!

More information about practice and applaying:
(+371) 28832110 (Kristīne Brīniņa)

New tourism object – cupmarked stone


At the very beginning of April LPC expedition confirmed new finding of cupmarked stone near Rokasbirzs village (Kurzeme region, Aizpute district). Cupmarked stone with 7 cupmarks is located near rural roadside not very far from Ozolkalni home on Čiekuru land. It is easily accessible from road going south from Rokasbirzs village. Čiekuru cupmark stone becomes the first cupmarked stone in Aizpute town surroundings.
In Aizpute district are also three Mūrnieki cupmarked stones in Cīrava parish.