Forest trail

The Forest Trail is a long distance hiking route, part of E11, in the Baltic States that leads through the most forested lands and national parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The route starts from the Polish – Lithuanian border near the town of Lazdijai, leads through Latvia, turning into Riga, and finishes in Tallinn, Estonia.

There are 3 sections of the Forest Trail through the vicinity of Aizpute: Kalvene – Aizpute and Aizpute – Kazdanga – Snēpele.

Baltic Forest Hihing – South Kurzeme:


Cīrava forest park

For those who enjoy and beautiful scenery, a walking path with places to sit and small bridges have been created. The greatest part of this path goes along the river Durbe, revealing many bends and the mischief of beavers, as well as hornbeam, birch, aspen and pine groves. Admirers of active relaxation will like the big cable bridge, the climbing wall, swings and different Beaver path activities.

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Kazdangas manor park

Nowadays in the 196 hectars sized Kazdanga manor park made in the 19th century, there are interesting walking paths, bycicle paths, wooden sculptures, a system of paths and bridges. Kazdanga manor park is one of the biggest and dendrologicaly richest Latvian manor house parks. Walking paths – KAZDANGA MANOR PARK (LV) Address: Jaunatnes gatve 1, […]


Laža – Padure manor park

The manor has been built in 1871 and in the same time the park was made with man – made pond. In park grows rare tree species. After the first agrarian reform which took place in the 1920′s, the Manor land was parceled out to farmers who has been Latvia’s freedom fighters. In 1929, land […]