Grasshopper park in Cīrava

On the one side of the Mill pond, opposite the Cīrava manor complex, there is a scenic park with a beautiful rock garden. The park has walking trails with wooden sculptures created by the sculptor Gatis Selderiņš, a kaleidoscope, a swing, and place for outdoor exercise. As well the former kindergarten boiler house has acquired a new look, which was painted by the artist Imants Liepiņš.

Address: Cīrava
Web: www.cirava.lv


Forest Designed

Entirely grown design objects and furniture – if you believe in the unbelievable, you can see the invisible! Book your visit in advance (summer season!).

Phone: (+371) 28449044
Internet: www.facebook.com/ForestDesigned
GPS: 56.71750, 21.48075


The Sound Trail “Skaņo Taka”

Cīravas Mežaparks has a new nature trail “The sound trail”. It places five different sound objects that haven`t been used in Latvia before in five different locations in the trail. Sound objects are made of metal and can create sounds.

The authors of environmental arts objects are the metal artists Jacob Voļatowski and Armands VecHawk.

Address: Cīrava
Phone number: (+371) 26121069, (+371) 25435898


Legend Trail

Sculpture symposium “Cirava Park Legends” organized by the association “Cita Abra” was held at the park of Ciravas castle. Symposium was attended by eight representatives of Latvian fine art, and a wooden sculpture trail was created with freely available artwork for everybody.
Sculptures are made of wrapped and parched in the wind ash trees, without altering their natural position.

Address: Cīrava
Phone number: (+371) 25435898


Training apiary “Strops”

Beekeeper Baiba Tikuma’s introduction to bee keeping in the apiary in summer will give you information about the life of bee community, as well as an opportunity to try out the beekeeping trade, or experience the relaxation and helth cures in the bee “healing room”. In the winter season, visitors are offered bee product tasting and wax candle making. Book your visit in advance.

Address: Cīravas Ķēniņi, Cīravas pagasts
Phone: (+371) 26446701
Webpage: www.cirava.lv


Rhododendron garden

A rhododendron garden made in cooperation with Cīrava municipality and the people from Cīrava. There are over 150 different color and 50 sorts of rhododendrons , but it is planed to expand the collection. Blooming time – May, June.

Web page: www.cirava.lv

Akmens krāvumi

Cīrava stone crain

Cīrava stone crain defines area witch includes 106 larger stones arranged in a specific orientation against the cardinal points. The stones are from 1 to 1,2 metres around and the stone crain is 2 km long. Also in stne crain territory are located three different sized Mūrnieki large stones.

Address: “Mūrnieki”, Cīravas pag., +371 2649157