Livonian Order Castle Ruins

Dietrich von Groningen , master of the Order, began the first Castellum – type castle construction in the 13th century (Ordensburg Hasenpoth). At the beginning , the castle had a courtyard, corner towers and wooden buildings in the courtyard. It served as proctective border zone where the territory of Courland bishop and the Livonian Order met. In the 15th century , living quarters were built, including cellars and a gallery. Above the gates in the courtyard, the plastering has partially survived with its decorative finish in the scgrafito technique.

Address: Liepājas iela 9, Aizpute
GPS: 56.720874, 21.595696


Aizpute local history museum

The museum is found in a historic building – jaunās Pilsmuižas kungu māja. The house is built in 18-19th century as the new kungu māja. The castles owner’s family came to live, leaving the servants in the old castle. In the museum, there are 7 permanent exhibitions, which give you the insight in Aizpute town’s and the closest surrounding history [...]

Address: Skolas iela 1, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 29623284
Web page: www.aizputesmuzejs.lv
GPS: 56.722637, 21.598335

Lindenbergas kartonāžas fabrikas ēka

Lindenberg Cardboard Factory Building

This red brick three – storied house is a typical example of late 19th century manufacturing building with extensively decorated architectural design of the main facade. It was a local architectural monument during the Soviet era, and it still remain one today. The factory was opened in 1890 for the production of pharmacy boxes, small bags and labels [...]

Address: Kalvenes iela 27, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 28633808
Web page: www.mfr.lv
GPS: 56.716043, 21.614935


Castle pub

The building was built in the middle of the 19th century, and to the present has remained almost without changes. During its existence, it has been used as a granary sales point and for the Aizpute Parish Board. During Soviet times, the Consumer Society’s garages and agricultural product sales point was located there. The building has been listed as a local architectural monument. During summer season, there are place to held creative activities, place to sleep, and also building and city tours are aviable.

Addrese: Liepājas iela 20, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 26546561
GPS: 56.721354, 21.594034

Bijusī muižas alus darītava

Beer brewery of the Manor

The building was constructed in the late 19th century by uniting two older household buildings of the castles. In the past, the building had a wool spinning area next to the beer brewery but, during Soveiet times, it was used for the production of lemonade. A tractor machinery station was situeted here in the late 1950s.

Address: Liepājas iela 12, Aizpute
GPS: 56.721576, 21.597387


Stone bridge

The stone bridge is the oldes and the most massive bridge in Aizpute town and it links the banks of the river Tebra. The bridge was built in 1907. Kazdanga baron, karl Wilhelm von Manteuffel, funded the construction of the stone railings so the central par of the railings has Manteuffels’coat of arms and the inscription of the year of construction.

Address: Liepājas iela, Aizpute
GPS: 56.721200, 21.597463



The watermill complex (18th – 19th century), stone bridge over Tebra (1907) with Manteifeļi family emblem on the handrails, beer brewery in Liepājas street, Aizputes castle manor house complex and historical wooden architecture buildings in the area between Jāņa, Katoļu and Atmodas streets from the end of the 19th century make up a unique town planning ensemble. The oldest two storey residential house built in the 16th century as the Dom tavern is found on Atmodas street 9, it was rebuilt in later years. It is especially interesting to inspect the building smaller elements – the doors, windows and balcony railings.

Address: Liepājas iela 10, Aizpute
GPS: 56.722106, 21.599619

Aizputes vēsturiskā apbūve

Aizpute historical town

Aizpute is one of the oldest town in Latvia. It is situated on the right bank of the river Tebra. The first records of the town buildings can be found from the 14th century. The oldest part of the town was located in the territory surrounded by Atmodas, Jāņa and Katoļu streets, butlater it was expanded towards Jelgavas, Kalvenes and Kuldīgas streets.


Synagogues (Aizpute House of Culture)

After 1795, when the little country of Piltene and all of Kurland was added to Russia, there were few inhabitants in Aizpute, therefore the government ushered in Jews from Lithuania. Their count grew rapidly and, of course, they needed their own synagogue. The construction of the first synagogue started in the 19th century [...]

Address: Atmodas iela 16, Aizpute
GPS: 56.719227, 21.603179