Water tower

The water tower was built in 1960 and was used until 2009. In 2009., the city’s water management structure changed and the tower was completely excluded from the common water supply system. The tower’s highest point is 27m from the ground. Right now the industrial heritage object -Aizpute`s water tower is opened as view tower.
May-September: Friday, saturday, sunday 11:00 – 14:00 16:00-19:00
October-April: book your visit in advance (5 people and more), please call (+371) 23663289! !

Address: Atmodas iela 32 C, Aizpute
Phone number: (+371) 23663289
Entrance cost: 1 EUR


View tower

For active recreation, nature watchers and walking enthusiasts Kazdangas Park has been built 190 metres long pedestrian pontoon bridge, as well as a new view tower across Dzirnezers. Tower is 2,7 metres high above the water level for watching diversity of a nature and bird watching. Also are made two tracks, which leads to the dock. A pontoon dock connects both Dzirnezers shores, creating 7 km long natural path where to go for walks, exercising and watching. Access to the trail is adapted for people in wheelchairs.

Address: Kazdanga park


Bird watching route – Aizpute

For slowly and leisurely relaxation we are offering to get to know different bird species, who are living among river Tebra in Misiņakals nature park (Aizpute).


Bird watching route – Cīrava

For still and slowly nature un landscapeing viewers we are offering to get to know different bird species, who live’s in beautiful scenery Cīrava forest park.


Bird watching route – Kazdanga

For slowly nature viewers we are offering to get to know different bird species, who are living in Kazdanga Manor park territory.


Other bird watching routes in Aizpute county

For nature and bird viewers enthuziasts we are offering other bird watching routes in Aizpute county – Apriķi, Cīrava forest, Gaiļu pond, Kalvene, Laža wather reservoir, Meti, Ormaņkalns, Padures priediens, Plece swamp, Tebra river, Tīdu lake and other places, where to enjoy birds and nature diversity.