Wakeboard park “Fun Wave”

Leisure complex “Lauku Kūrorta Ciems” offers WakeBoard park “Fun Wave”. Cable wakeboardis a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of water in which the skier`s rope and handle are pulled by an electrically-driven cable. Wakeboarding is suitable for women and man in any age.

Address: Ūdensrozes, Kazdangas pagasts, Aizputes novads
Phone number: (+371) 28332737, (+371) 26706009
Web: https://www.facebook.com/laukukurorts/

Vitalitātes akadēmija (1)

Academy Vitality

This weight correction centre is the only one in the Baltics where the slenderizing process takes place in complete isolation without needless temptations, in a 180 hectare territory under the firm supervision of specialists. The Academy works on the principal of “everything included”, and offers a complex approach: feeding, regular physical activities, and a complex of procedures in accordance with the program which is chosen.

Address: “Lejasraķi”, Lažas pagasts, Aizputes novads
Web page: www.academyvitality.com
How to find us?: https://academyvitality.com/kontakti/


Kurzemes pilots

Leisure flights above the Kurzeme from Cīrava aerodrome. Give flight as a gift, spend a romantic evening with the sunset from an unusual point of view, or see your house from the bird’s flight. Book your visit in advance!

Phone: (+371) 28355869
Web: www.facebook.com/kurzemespilots


Automobile “VOLGA” rental

Road transport complex „PALAST” offers rent of legendary soviet automobile GAZ 24-01 „VOLGA” for ceremonial gatherings and rides. Car is driven by polite, kind and friendly drivers who, if asked in advance, will dress up in uniforms according to best fashion trends of 70’s and 80’s.

Phone: (+371) 28633808
Web: facebook.com/palast.lv


Bee house in Cīrava

Beekeeper Baiba Tikuma’s introduction to bee keeping in the apiary in summer will give you information about the life of bee community, as well as an opportunity to try out the beekeeping trade, or experience the relaxation and helth cures in the bee “healing room”. In the winter season, visitors are offered bee product tasting and wax candle making. Book your visit in advance.

Address: Cīravas Ķēniņi, Cīravas pagasts
Phone: (+371) 26446701
Web page: www.cirava.lv

Laser Tag (2)

Laser tag “Plan B”

The Laser Tag game is analog to paintball. It is technological game, the aim of which to neutralize the adversary with infrared beams, which are completely harmless. Laser Tag is suitable for professional sportists, for children’s teams and for active relaxation with friends and family. Dressing rooms, toilets and showers are included in the “Plan B”. There is also available three with electricity, water and grill-equipped gazebies (about 25 people in each) where guests can spend time before and after the game.

Address: “Kļavas”, Kazdangas pagasts, Aizputes novads
Telephone number: (+371) 29399379
Web: www.lasertags.lv