Klostere (Jāmaiķi) church

Klostere St. Peter church once belonged to the church of Aizpute. In 1591 in church archives is written that Aizpute parish has a small church near Piltene, but belongs to Aizpute. The small wooden church has been located on a hillside near Jāmaiķi manor and where the roads were crossing. In 1792  was built stone […]


Apriķi Lutheran Church

Apriķu baznīca pamatoti tiek uzskatīta par Kurzemes sakrālās mākslas pērli, jo tās iekštelpu krāšņums paliek atmiņā ikvienam tās apmeklētājam. Mūra baznīca celta uz Apriķu muižas zemes kā Osten – Sakenu privātbaznīca 17. gs. sākumā. Savu krāšņo interjeru zili baltos un zeltītos toņos Apriķu baznīca ieguvusi 18. gs. vidū. Interjera kompozīcijā valda rokoko gars, turpretī atsevišķiem […]


Valtaiķi Church

Valtaiķi church is 5 kilometres away from Kazdanga castle and even if nowadays territorially it is in Kuldīga County, it is very connected with Kazdanga. As soon as in 1792 a stone church was built, from the outside it was very simple and similar to other churches in Courland. The church of Valtaiķi is outstanding […]


Cīrava Lutheran Church

Cīrava Lutheran Church was built in baron H.F. Von Bera time from 1780 till 1781un Sudmalkalns (a hill). From the outside it was similar to other churches of Kurzeme with its pyramid shaped tower, red tile roof and massive brick walls. The altar and pulpit is a rococo style piece of art(author is unknown).


Aizpute Pentacostal Church

Aizpute Pentacostal Church is registrated in 1989. Until then, in the Soviet times, the parish operated in the parishes founder’s and first priests self-built house. In the same year the parish bought a house on Kalvenes street 12, which was rebuilt into a church and already in 9th December of 1990 the church unveiling service took place. In 2000 the parish bought a building in Kalvenes iela 10 in which a bigger hall was constructed for the parishes services.


Aizpute Baptist Parish

Aizpute Baptist Parish was founded in 1869, its first priest, later also Latvian Baptist Parish bishop – Ādams Gertners, who was later kept in a prison in Aizpute and also Kuldīga. First church building was built in 1884, but after 8 years in 1892, with the pretence, that the Baptist church is too close to […]


Aizpute Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Adventist church acquired their meeting house in 1993. Before that, the church building hosted Aizpute Orthodox church parish.


Catholic Church

The first Catholic church in Aizpute was built in 1254. In 1580’s because of the historical events it was made into a Lutheran church. In 1732 a dean named J Genner  from Jelgava bought a house in Aizpute, in which he made a chapel for Catholics. After about a hundred years, this building was about […]


Church mound and Saint John’s church

On the opposite side of Aizpute castle ruins, on the right side of the river Tebra is the 16 meters high Kurshi castle mount (now church mound).