Synagogues (Aizpute House of Culture)


After 1795, when the little country of Piltene and all of Kurland was added to Russia, there were few inhabitants in Aizpute, therefore the government ushered in Jews from Lithuania. Their count grew rapidly and, of course, they needed their own synagogue. The construction of the first synagogue started in the 19th century. Tragical events took place in 1941, when all Jews of Aizpute were gathered in the synagogue, with trucks they were transported in Kalvene direction and killed. There are reports that say that around 500 Jews were shot, the youngest one was only 8 months old, the oldest – 94 years. The building served as a synagogue until the end of Second World War.

In 1950 the synagogue was joined into one building and nowadays it is the building of Aizputes cultural house.

Address: Atmodas iela 16, Aizpute
GPS: 56.719227, 21.603179