Linmeijers wall decoration


In 2016 in cooperation with the artist Gerda Stūre,  work has begun on creating a large-format wall design on the east wall of the old  Linmeiers building.

The main composition is formed by transforming the main wall of the house into a triumphal arch, inspired by Latvia in the 20th century in  20th-30th years architecture and Latvian symbols – oak vines, Latvian writings and others motives. The dynamic and attention-grabbing part of the wall is  a girl who is wearing Latvian national costume and riding on a white horse that goes through the arches.

Although no triumphal arches have been built in the territory of Latvia, the drawing version is symbolizing victory and triumph of Latvian nationality, victory of creating their own country and proving Latvia`s courage and viability in  war, business and culture.

Drawing  was co-financed by the Aizpute Regional Council.

Address: Pasta iela 6, Aizpute