Soviet times dolls collection


The collection includes stylized dolls in folk costumes manufactured by the Latvian factories “Straume” and rubber toys produced by “Dobele”. The largest part of the collection consists of dolls made in Russia and East Germany.

The doll collection was started by the actress of Aizpute People’s Amateur Theater Valda Jēriņa (1938 – 2008). After the 1973 Song Festival, a costume is made for the first doll in the collection, and later, for more than 30 years, dolls are collected and special clothes are made for them. Dolls are dressed in folk costumes and school uniforms from different regions, but most doll costumes are inspired by theater performances and fantasy characters.

Address: Atmodas iela 16, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 28617307
Opening hours:
Tuesday  – Friday 10:00 – 18:00; Saturday 10:00 – 15:00; Sunday and Monady – Closed!
Entrance fee:
1, 50  EUR (free entrance for children under age of 4)