Valtaiķi Church


Valtaiķi church is 5 kilometres away from Kazdanga castle and even if nowadays territorially it is in Kuldīga County, it is very connected with Kazdanga. As soon as in 1792 a stone church was built, from the outside it was very simple and similar to other churches in Courland. The church of Valtaiķi is outstanding because of its beautiful and detailed stained glass, which were ordered from Italy by baron von Manteifelis in 20th century after sketches made by Vilhelms Purvītis. There are four stained glass windows around the altar, which tell a story about warrior’s three manners – bravery, godliness, compassion and charity. The other stained glass windows depict events from the New Testament. In the bottom part of the windows there are Manteifeļi and their wife emblem which depict the family’s history.

Address: Valtaiķi, Laidu pagasts, Kuldīgas novads
Phone: (+371) 29896339
To visit the church, please arrange the visit beforehand over the phone.