Teiku taka


In Spring 2017, SERDE implemented the State Culture Capital Foundation project “Local history”, under which in Balvi ,Daugavpils, Alsunga, Kuldīga and Aizpute meetings were held with the local people, who are connected with local history research. In all areas there were “Local history laboratories”, during which the audience was presented with an art group SERDE experiences, practices and results of the local history research work.

In collaboration with Aizpute youngsters, there was made a map – TEIKU TAKA, where was reflected the local history researcher Mirdza Birzniece assembled tales linked to the sites.

Interactive TEIKU TAKA  must be viewed through Actionbound application. In it you can find areas of the tales in Aizpute and Kazdanga and must follow the instructions. In order for the application to work,  download applications, scan the QR code and you can view the content here

Teiku Taka (Aizpute, Kazdanga)