Klostere (Jāmaiķi) church


Klostere St. Peter church once belonged to the church of Aizpute. In 1591 in church archives is written that Aizpute parish has a small church near Piltene, but belongs to Aizpute. The small wooden church has been located on a hillside near Jāmaiķi manor and where the roads were crossing. In 1792  was built stone tower, which is still visible today, but in spring of 1862 with help from Kazdanga Baron Karl von Manteifels the church has been renovated. In October 1902, the church was unusable and it was closed. Now the church is restored and are organising religious services on a regular basis.

Address: Jāmaiķi, Turlavas pag., Kuldīgas nov., (+371) 26462824