Forest trail


The Forest Trail is a long distance hiking route, part of E11, in the Baltic States that leads through the most forested lands and national parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The route starts from the Polish – Lithuanian border near the town of Lazdijai, leads through Latvia, turning into Riga, and finishes in Tallinn, Estonia.

Total lenght of Forest Trail aprox. 2141 km or 102-114 days of hihing. Trails lenght in Latvia – 674 km (31-38 days), in Lithuania 747 km (36 – 38 days), in Estonia – 720 km (35-38 days). The route is divided into ~ 20 km long stages with accommodation and transport options.

Road surface: forest roads and trails, country roads, edges of asphalted roads, sandy or rocky beaches.

There are 2 sections of the Forest Trail through the vicinity of Aizpute: Kalvene – Aizpute, Aizpute – Kazdanga – Snēpele.

Baltic Forest Hihing – South Kurzeme:

More information about Forest Trail:

Southern part (from the Lithuanian / Polish border through Kurzeme to Riga) is being developed within the project LLI-448 “Development of Forest trail In Latvia and Lithuania and expanding the Baltic Coastal Hiking route in Lithuania”. Both trails will be part of the E11 route of the European long distance hiking trail network by ERA – European Ramblers’ Association. The total length of the Forest Trail in all three Baltic states will be more than 2000 km, and the trail will include all forest types and wildlife features typical of the Baltic States.