Kazdanga manor park


Nowadays in the 196 hectars sized Kazdangas park made in the 19th century, there are interesting walking paths, bycicle paths, wooden sculptures, a system of paths and bridges. Kazdangas parks is one of the biggest and dendrologicaly richest Latvian manor house parks.

Kazdangas Tourism Center offers tours of the park guide, and creative workshops, as well as the offers to play games in the park. There are games for various age groups. Park has several facilitated recreational space, where it is possible to engage in creative workshop „Burn mine pacake”.

Guides: 7,05 EUR from group
Guide services with games: 9,86 EUR from group
Creative workshop – pancake baking: 2,12 EUR per person

The donation of bicycle use: 1 EUR per hour but not more than 7 EUR per day
The donation of the sailboat use: 4 EUR per hour
The donation of the tandem bicycle use: 2 EUR per hour

Equipment is issued from 8:00 – 20:00
Equipment NOT issued to persons who are under the influence of alcohol

Address: Jaunatnes gatve 1, Kazdanga
Phone: (+371) 28616717, (+371) 29103813
Web page: www.kazdangaspils.com