Cīrava antiquities storehouse


The house of the museum is built in the centuries 1920s as the savings and loans association’s (bank’s) quarters, later it was used for different things – for post, for apartments, as a kolkhoz office and the local community’s council. The museum’s exhibitions give you the insight in Cīrava town’s and Latvia’s economic and cultural life. In the museum’s collection, there are a lot of informative materials and photographs, church books, magazines, albums, as well as different kinds of household objects, shoemaker and hatter tools, saddlery, gramophones and other interesting things. The oldest museum’s exhibitions are found in Cīrava region when working on the fields, there were bronze brooches and bracelets (13th -14th century) found and also a 500 years old quern-stone.

Address: “Atbalsti”, Cīrava
Phone:  (+371) 25435898
E – mail: cirava.tic@inbox.lv
Web page: www. cirava.lv
Business hours: working days 8:00-16:00
It is possible to visit the exhibitions outside of the normal business hours by arranging it via phone or email.