Cīrava Lutheran Church


Cīrava Lutheran Church was built in baron H.F. Von Bera time from 1780 till 1781un Sudmalkalns (a hill). From the outside it was similar to other churches of Kurzeme with its pyramid shaped tower, red tile roof and massive brick walls. The altar and pulpit is a rococo style piece of art(author is unknown). The altar, pulpit and kungu sols, which supported on a woman’s head, as well as the gallery of the organ and the decorative finish of the rooms is a national art monument. There is also an old church bell and organ from the 18th centuries beginning. There is a portrait of baroness Juliana Elizabete von Bera in white marble. Many valuable interior objects have survived – candlesticks, confessional, offering vessel, a goblet and a paten. In the crypt under the church lies Aizpute manor house lady J.E. von Bilova and her daughter J.E. von Bera. Both of the luxurious sarcophagus  are now found in Rundāles castle museum.

Address: Cīrava
Phone:  (+371) 26401508 (Līga Grīnvalde)
If arranged beforehand, there is a possibility to hear and enjoy the churches organ sound.

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