Catholic Church


The first Catholic church in Aizpute was built in 1254. In 1580’s because of the historical events it was made into a Lutheran church. In 1732 a dean named J Genner  from Jelgava bought a house in Aizpute, in which he made a chapel for Catholics. After about a hundred years, this building was about to collapse, that’s why a dean named Jāzeps Sandovičs from Ventspils signed an agreement with innkeeper Antonevich, which  later was found out to be disadvantageous – the church leased land to the innkeeper for 53 years, in exchange the owner of the inn built a new chapel for the church.  In 1935 dean J.Daugis got back his land that was loaned out on a contract basis together with the buildings that were on the land and started to think about building a new church. After the Second World War the Soviet authorities nationalised church properties, leaving only one old house which was located on the side of the road to the church, this house wasn’t suited to house a church. In 1955 with allowance from the Bishop the old wooden church in Gudenieki was torn down and transported to Aizpute. With the transported materials dean J.Snepsts rebuilt the old house in Kuldīgas street into a church in 1956, in the same year the house was blessed by the Liepāja diocese apostolic administrator Julians Vaivods as a church, dedicating it to the honour of King Christ. That turned out to be the only church built in the Soviet Era in Latvia. In 2002 15th November the foundation-stone was blessed and a special capsule was immured, in which there was a testimony about blessing the foundation-stone, coins, medallion and Rosary of Saint Benedict. Later in 2009 April 18th consecration of the new Aizpute church took place, which was executed by Liepaja diocese bishop Vilhelms Lapelis together with Ārvaldis Andrejs Brumanis and priests, devoting it to Ignatius of Loyola.

Address: Kuldīgas iela 2, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 26578580, (+371) 63449990