Apriķi Lutheran Church

Apriķu baznīca_Nauris Zeltiņš

Apriķi church is considered to be the pearl of Courland sacral art, because the glory of its indoor interior is remembered by its every visitor. The stone church is built on Apriķi manor house land as Osten-Sakenu private church in the beginning of 17th century.  The church got its glorious blue-white and golden coloured interior in the middle of the 18th century. The main influence in the interior is rococo, but specific elements share distinct baroque characteristics.
The pulpit, organ gallery, organ, altar, confessional make up a unified ensemble – decorative wood-carving masterpiece. The interior of the church is made even more luxurious by its ceiling, where there is a depiction of the sky and allegoric beings (truth, caution, hope etc.) and over the organ gallery there is a whole orchestra of angels depicted.

Address: Apriķi
Phone: (+371) 26658606 – Inese Vīdnere