Aizpute Baptist church


Aizpute Baptist Parish was founded in 1869, its first priest, later also Latvian Baptist Parish bishop – Ādams Gertners, who was later kept in a prison in Aizpute and also Kuldīga.
First church building was built in 1884, but after 8 years in 1892, with the pretence, that the Baptist church is too close to the Orthodox Church building, the tsar administration demand to take down the church building.

In 1893 the Parish made the decision to buy a piece of land in Kuldigas iela 17, for 750 roubles. And in the same year a second church building is built. The parish used this building until 1937 march 21st, when on Passion Sunday the church burns down in a fire. Then it was decidet to start gathering materials for a new church building. The parish builds its third church building after the Baltic German’s Aleksandera Šmēlinga project in 11 months. In Christmas of  1939 it is blessed. The parish hasn’t stopped its actions neither during the 1st or 2nd World War. From 1949 till 1990 Aizpute Seventh-day Adventist parish also holds its public worships in these rooms, since the Soviet authority had taken away rooms to meet from them.

Address: Kuldīgas ielā 17, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 26336783