Zoo “Cīruļi”


Address: Cīruļi, Kalvenes pagasts
Phone: (+371) 26527549; (+371) 29386963
Webpage: http://rigazoo.lv/en/filiale-ciruli


Offer: Excellent recreation in the countryside among interesting, exotic and forest animals. Sharp-eyed visitors will definitely encounter tree-frogs in “Cīruļi”.  The Zoo has the largest herd of kiangs kept in captivity in the world, as well as brown bears, wolverines, wolves, lynxes, wild boars, Latvian blue cows and other domestic animals.

Enterance ticket prices*:

Adults: 4,00 EUR
Children (4-17 year olds.): 3,00 EUR
Seniors (līdz 70 g.v.) 3,00 EUR
Handicapped adults 3,00 EUR
Students 3,50 EUR
Children younger than 4, orphans younger than 18, handicapped children and seniors from 70 : FREE ENTERANCE

*Discounts for families and different groups, as well as for the politically repressed and for persons that accompany the handicapped.

Bussiness hours:

From November  till March – 10:00 – 16:00
March, April, May, September, October  – 10:00 – 17:00
From June till August – 10:00 – 18:00


Horse riding in Kalvene


Address: Pērbone, Kalvenes pagasts
Phone: (+371) 26159219

Offer: The place is small and is found in the country side, in a quiet place. With that, a relaxing and peaceful interaction with the horses is guaranteed. We offer horse rides with two horses, we organize races for cart riders. In the summer period we offer a horse boarding-house. We are located just 4,5 kilometers from the A9 Rīga-Liepāja highway and 16 kilometers away from Rīga zoo branch “Cīruļi”.

Price list:

Horse ride (1 hour): Euro 10
Riding lesson (1 hour): Euro 8.50

In summer there is a fireplace and tent places.


„Kurzemes pērle” campsite, guest house


Address: “Būdnieki”, Kalvenes pagasts
Phone: (+371) 28658466
Webpage: www.kurzemesperle.lv

Unhurried rest and sleeping at Sepenes lake, where it is possible to have a nice summer swim in a well kept swimming place, spend quality time in a picknick or relax in the bath house tub. For activities on water – catamarans and boats. Sports fields, tennis courts and walks along paths in the woods. The owners will offer you also wine and liqour made at home from apples grown on the side of the lake.


Kazdanga manor  park

Nowadays in the 196 hectars sized Kazdangas park made in the 19th century, there are interesting walking paths, bycicle paths, wooden sculptures, a system of paths and bridges. Kazdangas parks is one of the biggest and dendrologicaly richest Latvian manor house parks.

Kazdangas Tourism Center offers tours of the park guide, and creative workshops, as well as the offers to play games in the park. There are games for various age groups. Park has several facilitated recreational space, where it is possible to engage in creative workshop „Burn mine pacake”.

Guides: 7.05 EUR from group
Guide services with games: 9.86 EUR from group
Creative workshop – pancake baking: 2.12 EUR per person

Phone: (+371) 28616717; (+371) 29103813
Webpage: http://www.kazdangaspils.com/


The association “KODOLS” offers to enjoy Kazdanga park with the bicycle, but Dzirnavu pond – with the sailboat.

The donation of bicycle use: 1 EUR per hour but not more than 7 EUR per day
The donation of the sailboat use: 4 EUR per hour
The donation of the tandem bicycle use: 2 EUR per hour

Equipment is issued from 8:00 – 20:00
Equipment NOT issued to persons who are under the influence of alcohol
Telephone: (+371) 29103813; (+371) 28616717 (after the previous login)


„Lilijas” z/s


Address: „Lilijas”, Kazdangas pagasts
Phone: (+371) 29100175; (+371) 63440460

Offer: Fishing (7EUR), swimming place and sports field, boat rent, bath house.



Learning about the life of the bee
UntitledIn the training bee-garden of beekeeper Baiba Tikuma you can inquire about bee life and try out at beekeeping yourself, participate in nursing the bee’s mother and taste the hard working creature products.

Everyone who is interested, has the oppurtunity to enjoy a unique adventure: unusual and pleasant relaxation – an opportunity to feel the healing power of bee colonies – resting and breathing the air in bee colonies, courtesy of beekeeping products and food.

A visit needs to be arranged beforehand over the phone.

Address: Cīravas Ķēniņi, Cīravas pagasts
Phone: (+371) 26446701
Webpage: www.cirava.lv







Čiekuru Stone


Čiekuru Stone is located to South from Rokasbirze. Although the stone is stuck on the ground, presumably, a long time ago that it has moved from a nearby field. The stone surface, one side (upper part) is convincing7  dimples spherical shapes. They (depths of 0,4 – 0,8 cm, diameters 5,5 – 6 cm) carefully formed in stone, which by nature are quite rough and strongly stuch on ground.

Address: Aizputes pagasts, Aizputes novads




Resting at Dzēkaiņa pond


Address„Braslas” Cīravas district,
(+371) 29167232 (kontaktpersona Aigars Kļava)

Offer: Arround the Dzēkaiņa pund are a lot of nice swimming places (dressing rooms, toilets, pergola, tables and chairs), a playground for children, tent places, a possibility to rent boats and fishing for a fee.






Rhododendron garden

A rhododendron garden made in cooperation with Cīrava municipality and the people from Cīrava. There are over 150 different color and 50 sorts of rhododendrons , but it is planed to expand the collection. Blooming time – May, June.







Dendrological greenery and a bee-garden in Cīrava region  „Gusti”

In the summer period, artist and poet Imants Ozols offers exibiting with his dendrological greenery and his bee-garden.

Imants Ozols
Telefons: +371 26367555


Canoe boats


From a few hours of water tourism in Durbes river to a multi-day adventure on the water. Offers: 8 canoes with oars and life – jackets, boat trailer.

Phone: (+371) 27878004, (+371) 25435898
E – mail: janis@udensputni.lv,  cirava.tic@inbox.lv






Water atractions


The association “Pimarmētra” offers to enjoy the water activieties in Cīravas mill pond, water reservoir of your choice. Offer: 5 waterballs, 3 water crickets or aquaskipers.

Phone: (+371) 27878004, (+371) 25435898
E – mail: janis@udensputni.lv,  cirava.tic@inbox.lv






Pathway in Cīrava park


In Cīrava park, a pathway for slow walk and beutiful sight lovers is made. There are benches and little bridges along the way. Most of the path leads along the shores of the river Durbe, alowing hikers to view the many curves and beawer mischiefs, also hornbeam, birch, asp and pine tree stands. Fore more active recreation enthusiasts offers hikes – of varying length and duration and for different age groups (children, adults).

Phone: (+371) 26121069, (+371) 25435898
E – mail:


Cīrava stone crain

Akmens krāvumi

Cīrava stone crain defines area witch includes 106 larger stones arranged in a specific orientation against the cardinal points. The stones are from 1 to 1,2 metres around and the stone crain is 2 km long. Also in stne crain territory are located three different sized Mūrnieki large stones.

Address: “Mūrnieki”, Cīravas pag., +371 2649157







Ģirts Brumsons art park


Address: Mazā iela 3, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 26892701
Webpage: www.brumis.lv

Park with rare plant collection, witch complement with works of art and small architectural forms. There is a opportunitie to use fireplace in park and view artists ineresting workshop (after previous logon).







Aizpute swimming place

Address: Jelgavas iela 54, Aizpute







Automobile “VOLGA” rental


Phone:(+371) 28633808, (+371) 29334842


Offer: Road transport complex „PALAST” offers rent of legendary soviet automobile GAZ 24-01 „VOLGA” for ceremonial gatherings and rides:
Car is driven by polite, kind and friendly drivers who, if asked in advance, will dress up in uniforms according to best fashion trends of 70’s and 80’s.
Automobiles are offered with drivers who know English, Russian, German and/or French.




Misiņkalna moto-track


Adrese: Brīvības iela 54, Aizpute

In Aizpute Misiņkalna  moto track, often many international and local races in different categories take place. The ones interested can view the practices, which happen on workdays.





Guest house “Garīkas”


Address: Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads
Phone: (+371) 29147778; (+371) 29134122
Offer: We offer excursions in shiitake mushroom nursery, degustation, lunch and dinner, a relaxing time in the pond’s swimming place, walking paths and a watch tower, as well as sports fields for tennis, basketball, volleyball and football. It is possible to rent a bath-house.

Bicycle routes

Aizpute tourist information centre and Aizpute museum offers bycicle rent and bycicle routes that lead through Aizpute town and county. More information over the phone – +371 29623284, +371 63448880 or aizpute.muzejs@gmail.com

Aizpute bycicle route

Aizpute – Cīrava – Apriķi bycicle route

Aizpute – Kazdanga – Kalvene bycicle route

More routs on: http://www.velokurzeme.lv/lv/buklets/