Lindenberg Cardboard Factory Building

Lindenbergas kartonāžas fabrikas ēka

This red brick three – storied house is a typical example of late 19th century manufacturing building with extensively decorated architectural design of the main facade. It was a local architectural monument during the Soviet era, and it still remain one today. The factory was opened in 1890 for the production of pharmacy boxes, small bags and labels. The facory’s products were distributed across all the territory of Tsarist Russia until World War I. During World War II, the factory was used by the German army to fix – arms. Since 1960, the building has hosted the joint – stock company “Kurzemes Atslēga” which produces ironmonegery, dorr locks, and other goods. The decor of the clubrooms of “Kurzemes Atslēga” is also spectacular and worth seeing.

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Address: Kalvenes iela 27, Aizpute
Phone: (+371) 28633808
Web page:
GPS: 56.716043, 21.614935

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