Virtual Sculpture


Ginta Gabrāns sculpture is installed in the virtual reality of  Aizpute (Aizpute public swimming area), which can be seen using the extended reality application SAN (downloadable at or the Play Store application).

The mobile application SAN is created in Latvia and thanks to the GPS technology used in the application, large-scale virtual objects are located in specific geographic coordinates. Applications technological solution is unique in the world because of its ability to operate with unlimited space and sculpture sizes. When looking at mobile devices, it is possible to go inside the in virtual objects, get around them, and see them in perspective from a long distance.

The real module of the exhibited object  at the Aizpute public swimming area has been created at the SERDES residences center within the framework of the Frontiers in Retreat project. Its virtual portrayal from August 16th is visible above the public swimming area and from several other places in Aizpute.